Steam truck

Steam truck

For the oil and gas industry, Wesco testing provides safe, personalized, and dependable well testing and blowout flow control services. We provide complete well testing solutions and efficient operations in all testing situations using well-designed equipment and cutting-edge technologies. We perform Wireline and Gas and Oil Well Production Testing in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The management team, based in Calgary, has over 125 years of extensive & cumulative experience in the well production testing and wireline service industries.

Scope of Work

At various stages of well construction, completion, and production, our proficiency lies in integrated tests on oil and gas wells. Through innovation and higher service quality, we aim to provide newer, faster, and more precise testing findings. Our other focused areas include:

  • Completions & HP Frac Recovery,
  • Workovers & Production Testing,
  • AOF & Inline Testing,
  • Swabbing & Abandonments,
  • Critical Sour Testing,
  • Pipeline Bleed offs,
  • Coiled Tbg & Acidizing Flow Backs.

Wesco’s Testing Portable Units Capabilities

Wesco has a fleet of equipment that can be quickly mobilized to any job site and can handle hazardous flow streams such as H2S, CO2, solids, high wellhead pressures, and temperatures. We have over 25 Separators mounted on trucks, trailers and skids. These highly capable fleet system assists in reducing project costs, while minimizing waste and associated disposal liabilities, to produce a cleaner environment. Our portable units are flexible, cost-effective & perfect for wet conditions and breakup. 

SWAB Units

With quite distinctive features, these units are engineered and constructed according to customer needs and industry standards that include:

  • Pressure SWAB unit for inline Swabbing (42 Foot Derrick),
  • Operating depths over 6000m,
  • 5k lubricator having BOP’s valves,
  • Sour service stainless H.P. dyform braided line (1/4’’ 6.35mm),
  • Double rubber saver head, max working pressure up to 10 MPA,
  • Swabbing & plunger lift removal and installation from 60.3mm to 127mm diameter tubing & casing.

Pressure Tanks

  • 1400KPA (20OPSI) * 14M3 (88BBL) – sour service pressure vessel,
  • Self-elevating 60ft (18M) flare stack & all piping required,
  • 5k dual choke flow back manifold and bean chokes,
  • Useable in all our provided services.

Other Notable Units

  • PT 103 – 1345 KPA X 14 M3 C/W 18M (60FT) Flare Stack,
  • PT 11 – 1345 KPA X 14 M3 C/W 12M (40FT) Flare Stack,
  • PT 162 – 1725 KPA X 4 M3 C/W 12M (40FT) Flare Stack,
  • PT 106 – 6895 KPA X 8 M3 C/W 12M (40FT) Flare Stack,
  • PT 101 – 1400 KPA x 14 M3 C/W 18M (60FT) Flare Stack & Piping,
  • PT 12 – 1400 KPA x 14 M3 C/W 12M (40FT) Flare Stack & Piping - it is fully self-contained with a 76.2 x 101.6mm (3×4″) low profile Taylor PSV

Advantages of Our Testing Portable Units

  1. Ideal for production and workover projects,
  2. A minimum 50% cost savings when moving test equipment,
  3. We charge 2 trips per well vs a trailer-mounted vessel would be 4 trips per well,
  4. Our pre-eminent fact allows our crew to move at anytime,
  5. Equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS).

Extensive Experience of Well Testing

We provide our customers with customized solutions like onsite fluid analysis, high flow and limited flow tests, and any other testing you may require to strengthen well production. Well testing is a dangerous element of the oil and gas industry and we are thoroughly aware of the dangers, and our top priority is the safety and well-being of all workers on the job. Our highly skilled professionals have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your oil and gas project runs structurally and efficiently.

Get in Touch

During the exploration and appraisal phases, you can count on us to provide the complete and accurate measurements and reports you want. Contact your local dispatch or send your inquiries online:


Steam truck
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Steam truck
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