Well Servicing

Well Servicing

Well servicing requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. At Wesco Testing and Wireline, Inc., we have the expertise, equipment, and years of experience. Our services are second to none. Our team has a wealth of skills and training to provide a professional job every time. We have been providing excellent personnel and equipment to the oil industry for more than three decades. Please review our services, experience, and equipment to see that we are the best well servicing company for you.

Our Services

As a leading provider of well servicing, we have a large base of knowledge. We specialise in services including:

  • Completions and HP Frac Recovery

  • Workovers and Production Testing

  • AOF and Inline Testing

  • Swabbing and Abandonments

  • Critical Sour Testing

  • Pipeline Bleed Offs

  • Coiled Tbg Flow Backs

  • Acidizing Blow Backs

At Wesco Testing and Wireline, we have more than 30 production testing packages. We are here to provide the most professional expert services to our customers. It is important to know that we can handle all aspects of the job so you won’t need to call in different companies. We understand the many requirements of well servicing and have the ability to professionally handle the job.

Our Experience

With more than 35 years of well servicing experience, we have some of the best knowledge in the industry. Our team has a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in management. Oil wells have special requirements and safety concerns that cannot be overlooked. We follow the proper protocol and use the best practices and equipment to ensure successful job completion. We use the tools and knowledge we have gained over many decades of work to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our Equipment

Well servicing requires a great deal of high-quality specialised equipment. Some of our equipment includes:

  • Separators Operating Pressures ranging from 620kpa to 14893kpa

  • Separators with Liquid Retention Capacities from 4m3 to 62m3

  • Pressure Tank (103) – 1400kpa x 14m3 c/w 18m Flare Stack and Piping

  • Swab Unit – 42ft Derrick – HP Swabbing


Our swab units provide inline swabbing with operating depths of up to 6000m. They offer swabbing and plunger lift removal and installation. The pressure tank units are ideal for completions, workovers, frac recovery, abandonments, coil TBG flow back, acid jobs, inline testing, and AOF testing. We have the right equipment to get the job done properly and safely.

Portable Test Units

Our portable test units will save you money. Moving test units can be expensive. With our portable units we can save you more than 50% on the typical costs of moving equipment. Our portable units allow us to charge only two trips per well instead of the usual 4 trips. Plus, we can move them at any time.

Storage Tanks

Pressure Tanks

We also have many other pieces of equipment that allows us to effectively complete the work required in the time frame that is needed. 

Wesco Testing and Wireline, LLC, offers complete well servicing for all your needs. Contact your local dispatch or send your inquiries online: https://www.wescotesting.com/contact/.

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