Well testing companies

Well testing companies

Well testing is a necessary task and one that should always be performed by experienced professionals. As one of the leading well testing companies, we offer the best and most comprehensive well testing and other services in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Our team has years of experience working to provide safe and efficient testing that will save you money over other companies.

What Sets Us Apart

There are several major things that set us apart from other well testing companies. We have an extensive group of high-quality equipment that is designed specifically for well testing and other services. We utilise our extensive truck and equipment fleet to bring our customers the specialised services that they require. We can handle any job, large or small and have the ability to get the job done efficiently and within budget. Importantly, we have all the equipment necessary to take care of your well servicing needs without having to call in a different company. Our talented team will give you the best service possible and will save you money because you won’t need to get extra equipment.

Extensive Service Fleet and Services

As one of the top well testing companies, we have an extensive fleet of equipment including the tools and trucks we need to get the job done properly. We have the largest truck-mounted test vessel fleet in Canada. Our fleet includes a number of essential trucks that are critical in the proper testing and servicing of wells. Some of our services include abandonments, acidizing flow back, AOF and inline testing, coiled tubing clean outs, critical sour well testing, completions and HP frac recovery, Heli portable testing, pipeline blow downs, and work overs and production testing. We are one of the best full-service well testing companies in the country.

Equipment Packages

At Wesco Testing and Wireline, Inc., we offer equipment packages. Our packages include equipment that has various pressure ratings and various liquid volume retention sizes to meet all your needs. Our extensive equipment fleet includes more than 25 separators that are mounted on trucks, trailers, and skids. We have separators with operating pressures ranging from 620kpa to 14893kpa. We have vessel retention capacities of 4m(3) to 62m(3). Our available flow line and frac manifold pressure ratings range from 14mpa to 69mpa. We offer stand alone and trailer-mounted flare stacks from 12.2m to 36.5m. As one of the best well testing companies, we also have all the necessary auxiliary equipment such as office trailers, ESD valves, pipe skids, and more.

Expert Professional Team

Our team of professionals sets us apart from most other well testing companies. We have been providing well services for more than 40 continuous years. Our management team has a combined experience of more than 125 years. We provide expert planning and then put our plans into action quickly. We offer exceptional service and unparalleled support. We will help you achieve the results you expect. We are available for contact 24/7. Contact your local dispatch or send your inquiries online: https://www.wescotesting.com/contact/.


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Well testing companies
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