Wetland Maintenance

Wetland Maintenance

Wetland maintenance and restoration can be a lucrative field for landscapers. For one, many contractors do not have the experience or tenacity to handle the rigors of restoring wetlands. Furthermore, the task requires heavy machinery that many landscapers are not familiar with.

If you’re into wetland maintenance, one of the must-have pieces of equipment is the marsh buggy. Also known as the marsh carrier, the machine is useful for moving equipment and personnel on the site, and it’s much faster and reliable than most of the available alternatives. This guide hopes to let you in on the important things to know about marsh buggies.

Where do marsh buggies work best?

As the name suggests, marsh buggies work best on wet, swampy land. They are amphibious and can move relatively swiftly in waterlogged areas while offering impressive stability. That’s why they’re a must-have for any contractor working on wetland restoration or maintenance.

What can you use marsh buggies for?

  • Transporting equipment: Marsh buggies can transport heavy machinery and equipment to otherwise inaccessible areas. Usually, the heavy equipment is integrated into the buggy to facilitate easy transport. To get the best result, you can custom design your buggy to match the sets of equipment you’re most likely to transport.
  • Transporting supplies: Marsh buggies can also come in handy when you need to move supplies such as fuel water, food, and tools to wetland maintenance sites.
  • Transporting personnel: Marsh buggies provide the perfect solution for transporting workers between sites. The machine boasts inbuilt floatation and superior traction and can seamlessly navigate terrains that the best off-road vehicles won’t dare come near.

What should you consider when buying a marsh buggy?

  • The manufacturer: Your buggy should be manufactured by a reliable company with proven equipment manufacturing experience. This would guarantee that the machine you’re buying would be durable enough to serve you optimally for several years.
  • The engine: You need to know about the engine that the manufacturer installed to power your amphibious carrier. Brand such as Isuzu, CAT, and John Deere have proven their mettle over the years. So, you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good by insisting on such trusted names.
  • Capacity: You also need to ensure that your marsh buggy’s capacity matches your needs. Naturally, the carrier should have enough space to transport your supply and personnel. You may also want to purchase a model whose capacity may be slightly above your current needs to cater for future expansion.

Contact us to purchase or rent your marsh buggy equipment

Do you need a powerful and reliable marsh buggy for wetland maintenance? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our wetland equipment rentals company. We deal in the sale, rentals, of marsh buggies, amphibious excavators, and other site equipment. We also provide swift in-house and off-road maintenance services and we have a full stock of replacement parts to ensure you do not have to deal with long downtimes. Contact us today to get a free quote and get answers to all your questions.

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